African Risk Mitigation

With the recent spate of laws and regulations governing risk mitigation and compliance, not to mention those covering good corporate governance, there has understandably been an increased interest in all three of these topics. Communication, information security, IT governance and business continuity need to be administered by critical business value drivers, which include enterprise risk management, compliance and corporate governance, in order for any organisation to be successful.

We provide a wealth of insight and understanding on the practical issues around the security management, business continuity management, service management and IT governance disciplines to our clients across the African continent. Our Africa-specific knowledge allows us to partner with our customers to enhance essential business drivers and help them achieve higher levels of profit, in addition to meeting their technology and compliance requirements.

Our focus and expertise ensures world-class value, service and support to our customers. Through our partnerships with some of the world’s leading vendors, including Trustwave, Agiliance and Access Data, ARM ensures complete protection of your company.